TOMRA LUCAi on apples


The future of fruit optical sorting and grading for unparalleled precision

LUCAi® perfects your pack-out

  • monitor

    Precise and productive

    LUCAi® uses intelligent deep-learning technology to create a more sophisticated grading system. By reducing grading errors, LUCAi® increases your product yields. 

  • Apples Quality Check

    Excellence through evolution

    Our smart software improves its performance over time. LUCAi® will keep your product consistent by evolving with your packing operation.

  • TOMRA thoroughness for your throughput

    Thoroughness for your throughput

    Cut down on extensive manual quality control. TOMRA’s software improves throughput by decreasing inspection errors.

  • TOMRA's user-friendly interface

    Effortlessly efficient

    With its user-friendly interface, LUCAi® is easy to integrate into your operation. Enhance your grading system’s efficiency without increasing your training hours.

Customer story

The Fresh Fruit Company of New Zealand (Freshco) is a leading fruit and vegetable exporter based in Auckland. As expert apple packers, Freshco looked to TOMRA to optimize their process by increasing the efficiency and accuracy of their packing operation.

“Spectrim with LUCAi® is a game changer. We had to work a lot harder around the stem area mainly for splits and punches. Now you don't have to do the work anymore, LUCAi® does it for you.” - Robin Mudgeway, Technology & Machinery Manager at Freshco.

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As your business grows, streamline your packing process with LUCAi®. Our systems transform complex operational challenges into straightforward, reliable results.

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