TOMRA Food Partnerships

Why TOMRA believes in close collaboration

“Trusted togetherness” is at the heart of TOMRA Food’s business philosophy.

Through close collaboration with our customers, we can precisely tailor sorting, grading, steam peeling and integrated post-harvest solutions to their needs.

And through  business partnerships with other technology solutions providers, we can ease the integration of various line solutions with faster-responding parts supply and technical support.

We're stronger together.

TOMRA Food partnerships

The top 10 advantages for machine users

As a result of the trusted togetherness between TOMRA and its business partners, there are many benefits for processors and packhouses:

1. Various line solutions are better integrated, improving line performance and reducing downtime. This ensures every piece of produce acquires its full value, while also reducing food waste, rework, and energy consumption.

2. Machine data can be accessed (via TOMRA Insight) and acted upon to improve efficiencies on the line and in the supply of raw materials. Objective data also empowers businesses to make better-informed operational and strategic decisions.

3. It’s simpler for processors and packhouses to work with their solutions providers when they can deal with one contact rather than two or more while still being able to tap into the providers’ expertise and knowledge.

4. Solutions, service and support are supplied with a consistently high standard of professionalism for a broader range of line solutions.

5. Sales and support are provided in the customer’s native language, wherever they are in the world. And there’s a good understanding of customers’ local needs and requirements, knowing that small nuances can make all the difference in the world.

6. The greater global coverage improves the availability and speed of delivery of spare parts.

7. Support is available 24/7 because of the ability of TOMRA and its partners to log into machines remotely.

8. If there should be issues between equipment from different manufacturers, those manufacturers will work together to fix them.

9. Machine operation and in-house maintenance training can be integrated and streamlined.

10. By combining their expertise, TOMRA and its partners can bring new or updated solutions to market faster.

In other words, trusted togetherness between solutions suppliers has the same effect as the trusted togetherness between TOMRA and its customers: it’s another factor that empowers processors and packhouses to achieve their full potential.