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Organizational changes

In order to create a structure which increases the operational focus within TOMRA, several organizational changes have been made.

19 May 2005

A process has been initiated to split Business Unit Europe into three regions as follows:

- Nordic, consisting of Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden, will be led by Håkan Erngren, who is the current manager of the Swedish operation;

- Germany, based on its size and potential, will be a separate region as today, and will be led by Heiner Bevers; and

- Central Europe, consisting of the operations in BeNeLux, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and France, will form a separate region. The manager will be announced at a later stage.

The transformation process in Europe will be managed by André Løvestam, who is the President of Business Unit Europe. When the process is concluded, the three regional managers will report directly to CEO Amund Skarholt.

The TRC project in the UK, managed by Terje Hanserud, has been transferred from the Recycling Solutions unit to Technology, which is led by Harald Henriksen.

Recycling Solutions, which has been renamed to Business Development, will then consist of TiTech, Orwak Group, Japan and business development in general. The Business Development unit will be led Trond K. Johannessen.

Fredrik Witte, who is the Investor Relations Officer in TOMRA, will as of 1 September 2005 take on the position as CFO in Business Unit North America. His successor in the IR role will be announced at a later stage.

Questions can be addressed to CEO Amund Skarholt at +47 97 55 94 25 or IRO Fredrik Witte at +47 97 01 67 69.