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Security solution Germany

Reference is made to press releases made by DPG Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH (`DPG`) and Bundesdruckerei GmbH. See and for the full text of both press releases.

08 July 2005

In summary, DPG was recently founded to establish and administer a national deposit system for non-refillable beverage containers in Germany. An important pillar in such a system is the security marking of deposit containers. DPG has signed a pre-contract with Bundesdruckerei to deliver such a security solution. TOMRA is Bundesdruckerei`s partner in this endeavour.

A field test will be held whereby Bundesdruckerei will make twenty recognition units - manufactured by TOMRA - available for testing purposes. During the course of the field test 50 million beverage containers will be marked with the security marking and be read by the recognition units. The system specifications will be open and made available to system suppliers.