TOMRA to host upcoming deposit return systems webinar, "Rewarding Recycling"

Global leader in collecting beverage containers for recycling to share learnings from the world's highest-performing deposit return systems on 23 February

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What: Upcoming webinar - "Rewarding Recycling": Learnings from the World’s Highest-Performing Deposit Return Systems for Recycling

Who: TOMRA, the global leader in beverage container collections for recycling, invites you to a webinar that will discuss findings from its newest white paper — unveiling four success factors that the highest-performing deposit return systems for bottle and can recycling have in common.

When: Tuesday, February 23rd at 9am US EST / 3pm Central European Time

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There are increasing calls from the public to address plastic pollution and recycling costs, and from experts to move away from traditional linear take-make-dispose models in favor of a circular economy. Policymakers are turning to deposit return systems as a proven solution for tackling these challenges.

With this growing awareness of plastic waste and more governments adopting deposit policies, TOMRA’s newest white paper, “Rewarding Recycling: Learnings from the World’s Highest-Performing Deposit Return Systems” (free download), reflects on the principles that make a high-performing system – so stakeholders can better understand why some deposit systems are succeeding, while others are failing.

This webinar will take a deep dive into the white paper findings by examining the 12 key policy elements that put these principles into practice, and by sharing case studies of regions that are best at delivering on those elements in their deposit return systems.

“Rewarding Recycling” draws on TOMRA’s over 45 years of experience in providing a range of services and reverse vending technology to deposit systems. Reverse vending machines provide an easy way for the public to return containers for recycling and regain their deposit money. The machines collect, sort, compact and initiate accounting for each container accepted. TOMRA has more than 84,000 reverse vending machines installed in 40 deposit markets, capturing over 40 billion used beverage containers worldwide each year.

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