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Canadian General Grant’s Sahali Bottle Depot transforms their operations with the automated TOMRA Expert Line

British Columbia, Canada: General Grant’s is the first high-volume depot in British Columbia, Canada, to install an automated TOMRA Expert Line system for counting and sorting empty drink containers for recycling. This transformative technology has revolutionized their business, making operations safer, more efficient and enabling them to better track their performance.

Improved work safety and employee satisfaction

TOMRA Expert line installation has significantly improved the depot’s environment, making it cleaner, quieter, safer and more comfortable for customers and staff alike. The machinery is convenient to use, allowing consumers to process different materials without having to sort and separate.

​It also reduces significantly the workload on staff, making it easier and faster for them to process orders and get through inventory. The employees no longer have to physically handle as many materials, reducing the risk of handling broken glass or contaminants in bags. Depot staff have greatly increased their operational efficiency and can spend time on more valuable tasks rather than sorting and separating. 

As an employee [TOMRA Expert Line] reduces the workload on me tremendously

Justin Nilsen
Justin Nilsen Employee, General Grant's Sahali

We don’t have to worry about things like broken glass and contaminants in bags... now we see this stuff before it ever becomes a danger to my staff

Judith Jordan Manager, General Grant's Sahali
TOMRA Expert Line

Making a difference

General Grant’s owner Cara Heck, along with her team, believe in the importance of finding new ways to use technology to help recycle and keep the environment clean. In Canada, bottle depots like General Grant’s play a crucial role in waste diversion within their local communities. Thanks to the implementation of TOMRA equipment, they have achieved great success in streamlining their operations and contributing to a cleaner environment.  

Bottle depots make a great impact to waste diversion in the communities they operate in.

Cara Heck Owner, General Grant's Sahali

About TOMRA Expert Line

TOMRA Expert Line is a fully-automated counting and sorting system designed to handle high volumes from 5 to 35 million beverage containers annually. Its flexible, modular system enables tailored design in line with each customer's needs, such as available square-meter footprint and expected container return volumes. Learn more about TOMRA Expert Line in Canada.

TOMRA Expert Line seen from above