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A simple start to recycling

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    Designed for low to medium volume stores

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    Accept plastic bottles and cans

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    Up to 30 containers per minute

Introducing the TOMRA B5 Combi, the first model from TOMRA's Basic Line. Designed to make recycling easier, this machine features TOMRA Essential Technology™ at its core.

The TOMRA B5 Combi is easy to use. Just plug it into a regular outlet, inside or outside, and it's ready to go! The compact reverse vending machine is a perfect for your store, only taking up 0.8 sqm. The TOMRA B5's large 21.5" screen ensures a seamless experience for both retailers and consumers, enhancing accessibility and ease of use. Moreover, the machine's free-standing design automates container handling, saving valuable time for your personnel and streamlining operations.

Make recycling effortless with the TOMRA B5 Combi. From its smart TOMRA Essential Technology™ to its easy-to-use features, this machine makes recycling simpler than ever.

  • Standalone reverse vending machine
  • Powered with TOMRA Essential Technology™

TOMRA B5 - A simple start to recycling

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    Plug right in and start recycling

    he TOMRA B5 Combi is a compact reverse vending machine that conveniently and efficiently kickstarts your recycling journey. Simply plug into a single-phase outlet indoors or under cover outdoors, and you’re ready to go. In just 0.8 sqm, you have everything you need to offer a simple recycling solution in a professional-looking package that maximizes retail space and frees up your staff’s time thanks to automated handling.

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    Seamless and engaging for users and staff alike

    The TOMRA B5’s large, 21.5” screen and easy-to-read user guidance make for effortless recycling. Use the screen to share in-store marketing messages to offer a great customer experience and increase engagement. The machine’s internal design and step-by-step on-screen cleaning instructions make it easy to clean, simple to empty, and seamless to operate, so you can spend less time maintaining your recycling solution and more time tending to your store.

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    Enjoy accurate returns with speed, safety, and efficiency

    TOMRA B5´s automated container processing enables a safe, efficient, hygienic and accurate alternative to manual sorting. Choose the right solution for your store with the option to accept plastic bottles or a mix of plastic bottles and cans. This standalone machine recognizes, compacts and stores used beverage containers. Plus, TOMRA Essential Technology™ offers precise counting so your customers receive the right payout and can get shopping faster.

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Meet the TOMRA Basic Line family

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    TOMRA B5 Combi

    Choose between 1 or 2 bins, and accept PET bottles and cans.
  • TOMRA B5 Flaker open showing the bins

    TOMRA B5 Flaker

    This standalone machine recognizes, flakes and stores used PET bottles.

For a simple reason it was price point and its capacity. It’s infeed speed and its ease of use with the 21-inch screen."

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Damien Cleary Business Development Manager for TOMRA Collection Ireland

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TOMRA Essential Technology™

Our cutting-edge image-based recognition identifies beverage containers by color, shape, and size.

Combined with weight and metal sensors, it ensures precise sorting, while motion detection further helps detect and prevent fraud.

With a comprehensive database of container types, the system can be further trained to accept market-specific containers and sorting tasks, enhancing recycling efficiency.

TOMRA Service

Ensure peace of mind for store colleagues. Our proactive, remote machine monitoring and network of field technicians keep your reverse vending equipment working hard for your business.

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