Reverse Vending Solutions
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Service & Support

The ultimate goal for TOMRA’s team of professional service technicians and our range of service offerings is to support you in providing high quality service to your customers.

TOMRA Service

On average, a TOMRA reverse vending solution handles more than 600,000 containers every year—or more than 2,000 containers every single day. This represents approximately 43,000 customer transactions a year, which means you have 43,000 chances to create the best possible experience for your customers.

TOMRA Service benefits

1 Securing a good start

  • Our dedicated technicians install, tailor, and fine-tune your reverse vending solution on site to make sure it performs at its best. 
  • We offer staff training so that daily tasks are easy to carry out for your staff. 
  • Our technicians can coach your team in troubleshooting, simple maintenance, and proper operation, because tackling small problems when they occur can make a huge difference on a busy day.

2 A range of service offerings

  • We offer a flexible portfolio of tools that allow you to serve your customers in the best possible way.
  • We offer a variety of service-level agreements, ranging from basic maintenance to all-inclusive, full coverage contracts.

3 Many ways to solve the challenge

  • Most issues can be solved remotely, even before operations are disrupted.
  • We offer efficient diagnostics and remote troubleshooting, ensuring both efficient on-line and on-site service.
  • When needed, we send in our expert technicians with deep experience in reverse vending equipment.
  • Depending on your service-level agreement and the market you operate in, we offer a range of response- and fix-time guarantees, ranging from twenty-four hours to just four hours as examples.