Food sorting and peeling solutions
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success story hoff norske potetindustrier, norway

When Hoff Norske Potetindustrier wanted to improve the yield of their steam peeling line they chose the most technological advanced solution for their process, TOMRA Sorting.

Hoff Norske Potetindustrier is a Norwegian potato processing company with roots dating back to 1880. The company had its origins in liquor production. Today the company has approximately 230 staff and processes in the region of 120,000 tonnes of potatoes each year, to produce French Fries, Potato Flakes, Potato alcohol and other products.


The company was interested in reducing waste and increasing yield of their French fry line; with steam peeling being an obvious choice. “We had an old line from 1976 that had a lot of downtime. It created a significant amount of peel waste and often had steam leaks. said Frank Skybak, Hoff Norske Potetindustrier Technical manager.

“The TOMRA Sorting Solution was the best for us, taking into account price, technology and delivery.”

Frank Skybak, Technical Manager, Hoff Norske Potetindustier

“We aimed to reduce peeling waste after steam peeling and brushing. The target was to reduce peeling waste by 7 percent on a 6 Ton/hr French Fry line and to reduce the unscheduled downtime on the peeling line”.

“When we started the project we reviewed three manufacturers of steam peeling solutions. After an extensive review and thorough assessment we chose ODENBERG steam peeling. They gave us the best solution after we had considered price, technology and delivery”.


ODENBERG has an impressive history in steam peeling, with over 40 years supplying superior solutions to the processed food industry. ODENBERG’s expertise is in market led development of innovative peeling and optical sorting equipment; providing efficiency and productivity gains to customers, giving them the competitive edge.

ODENBERG completed analysis of the peeling line at the customer’s facility. “It was clear significant savings could be achieved on the line” said Eamonn Cullen, Peeling Market Unit Manager. “The line used old technology; was supplied with varying quality of raw material and had only 10 bar steam pressure available”

The latest ODENBERG steam peelers use a unique vessel design, steam valve system and processing automation to achieve high quality steam peeling. The technology is scalable from 1,000 kg/hr, to provide customers with low processing volumes and low steam pressure the opportunity to dramatically reduce peeling losses.

“I see now that we have less starch in the peel waste and have reduced peel waste from 20 to 7 percent after brushing.”

Frank Skybak, Technical Manager, Hoff Norske Potetindustier

“When steam pressure is at 10 bar, the ODENBERG vessel design and steam valve system provides the best solution to ensure fast heat transfer from the steam to the surface of the potatoes. The saving in steam time results in a dramatic reduction in processing time and peeling losses.” Eamonn Cullen.

The solution chosen to address the customer’s issue of high peel waste and downtime was to install an ODENBERG 10,000 kg/hr steam peeler in the new line. The steam peeler included the latest peeler vessel design, ODENBERG peeling line automation and the new XPT steam exhaust system. The customer was supported with the development of a new peeling line control system for pre-peeling and post-peeling to ensure that the line control was optimised for the customers processing requirements.


After the installation was completed the results were dramatic…

“We see now that we have less starch in the peel waste and we have reduced peel waste from approximately 20 to 7 percent after brushing. We also have higher availability and a better working environment”. said Frank Skybak, Hoff Norske Potetindustrier Technical manager.

“I have already started the next project for the order of a second ODENBERG steam peeler for our potato flakes line.”

Frank Skybak, Technical Manager, Hoff Norske Potetindustier

“The potato flakes line, is also an old line that is struggling with high peel waste. With experience from last year’s investment it was an easy decision to choose TOMRA Sorting Food. They have laid the foundation for a long cooperation with HOFF”.

The second peeling line will include the ODENBERG high speed brusher for dry peel waste separation. The Brusher that operates at speeds of up to 800 Rpm enables customers to gently remove loose peel or to remove minor defects. TOMRA Sorting has almost 400 ODENBERG steam peelers operating throughout the world. The steam peelers encompass technology that is used to produce over 75% of the world’s French Fries.

The joining together of TOMRA Sorting, ODENBERG and BEST provides customers with a partner that is one of the leading companies in the Potato process industry. Our investment in existing and new territories ensures that customers have process and technical support to help them to optimise the performance and efficiency of their processing line.
With continued development in steaming peel and sorting technology TOMRA sorting will continue to be an innovator in the potato processing industry.

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