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Potato Expo

Don’t miss your chance to visit TOMRA’s potato sorting experts at the 8th annual Potato Expo.

12 - 14 January 2016

TOMRA Sorting Food is set to demonstrate one of its innovative potato sorting systems at this year’s Potato Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 12-14.

Farmers, growers, packers and shippers who visit TOMRA Sorting Food at Booth 1102 in the Mirage Hotel and Casino Convention Center will be able to discover more about the company’s Halo sensor-based optical food sorting machine.

The Halo is a high performance machine, able to sort both skin-on and peeled potatoes according to size and quality. The sorter uses top and bottom sensor banks to view each individual object ‘in flight’ to analyze visible attributes such as color, shape, blemish, foreign material, as well as invisible defects to the product composition.

Commenting on the expo, Karel Strubbe, TOMRA Sorting Food’s sales director for Americas and Oceania, says: “The Halo sorter can generate significant savings in labor costs for customers, averaging 80 per cent. By attending Potato Expo, we can advise potential and existing customers of other benefits such as increased yield, improved produce quality and a quick return on investment.

“As sorting requirements become more complex, the job for the user controlling the sorter has become more challenging. Potato Expo gives us the opportunity to demonstrate how our user interface allows operators to apply their own defect levels against the different types, colors and sizes of potatoes in order to process more and reduce food waste.”

TOMRA Sorting Food is also giving away a GoPro Camera during the expo. All attendees who visit the TOMRA booth and complete an entry form are eligible to win.

Halo applications include all sizes and types of potatoes and processor applications both peeled and unpeeled potatoes. In addition, the system can sort carrots, apricots and peaches, pear halves, tomatoes, green beans, citrus products, onions, pickles and cucumbers.

Potato Expo 2016 is one of the largest conference and trade show for the potato industry in North America and brings together more than 1,900 growers, suppliers and industry partners.

Booth: 1102


3400 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89109