Food sorting and peeling solutions
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Preventive Maintenance & Service by TOMRA

High performance and quality solutions with support all year long, to ensure your food sorting or peeling equipment remains in excellent condition.

Preventive Maintenance by TOMRA

TOMRA Sorting Solutions provides a worldwide network of service engineers with deep experience in the food industry.

With vast experience from servicing hundreds of comparable sorting and peeling equipment, our experts can set and adjust the sorting and peeling solutions to your needs ensuring maximum output and trouble-free operation.

Just like a car, your optical sorter needs continuous maintenance and care to get the best possible results to prevent a break-down.


Our preventive maintenance program offers you regular visits of a certified TOMRA engineer at your facility. In cooperation with your own specialists, our engineer will check and, if required, adjust the functionality of the sorting and peeling machine. Our engineer will advise which parts are preferably replaced during the next visit or if necessary sooner.

In this way we help you to get the most out of your optical sorter and peeler. At the same time we try to minimize unexpected downtime of your food processing line.

The preventive maintenance program keeps your sorter and peeler in an excellent condition, giving the best return on investment.

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