Food sorting and peeling solutions
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TOMRA Sorting runs 15 test and demonstration centers around the globe providing services for the development of sensor-based sorting projects for the food, mining, recycling, and tobacco industry.

Test and Demonstration Centers TOMRA Sorting Food

A wide range of food applications can be tested

6 of our 15 sorting solution centers are solely focused on food with each providing different food and tobacco testing possibilities. TOMRA’s European headquarter is based in Leuven, Belgium close to the capital Brussels and only a fifteen minute drive from the international Brussels airport.

For the North American market we can invite customers to one of our two test and demonstrations centers in the USA, located in Denver, Colorado, and Sacramento, California. In Asia TOMRA also has two test and demonstration centres available, located in Saitama, Japan and Xiamen, China.


TOMRA Sorting provides a broad portfolio of sensor technologies. In order to find the best option of sensor combinations for a specific sorting task we offer you the possibility to schedule an application test with your product.

Nearly half of TOMRA's worldwide test facilities are solely focused on food processing. And all of TOMRA's testing locations are close to international airports, making it easy to get in and out.

TOMRA Sorting Solutions has installed a brand new 56 square meter cold room in its test and demonstration center in Leuven, Belgium. Read all about it in our latest press release.  

When you’re ready to put us to the test, we’re here to make that process as easy as possible.

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