TOMRA Coffee sorting

Coffee bean sorting machines

Our best-in-class technology sorts and grades green and roasted coffee beans with unrivaled accuracy. As well as removing foreign materials, our coffee bean sorters eject imperfect beans while minimizing waste of those that are good - so you can maximize yields, prevent recalls, and keep customers happy.
TOMRA coffee beans sorting

Every Coffee Bean Counts

Coffee beans foreign material

Removing foreign materials and protecting equipment

Our coffee bean sorters eject foreign materials such as sticks and stones, extending the grinder lifespan and protect other downstream equipment.
TOMRA Food sorting out bad coffee beans

Sorting green and roasted beans

TOMRA's coffee bean sorting machines detect and eject beans with discoloration, mold, and insect bites, as well as unripened Quakers that won't brown. Arabica and Robusta
TOMRA Food coffee

Arabica and Robusta

TOMRA's machines sort accurately and maximize yields whether the beans are Arabica or the less homogeneous Robusta species.
TOMRA 3C sorting machine

Dependable in tough conditions 

Our coffee bean sorters perform well, minimizing false rejects and rework, and maximizing yields, even in very dusty environments.