TOMRA Food sentinel II sorting machine

Sentinel II

Safe-guarding Tomato, Peach, Potato, and Vegetable sorting

The Sentinel II remains watchful at its post - vigilantly removing defects from tomatoes, peaches, potatoes, washed green beans, carrots and peppers. This cost-efficient machine is simple to operate and maintain, outperforming competitors in sorting ability, capacity, and durability.
Sentinel II sorting machine

Key benefits

TOMRA Food sentinel II sorting machine

For processors and packers, all sizes

The Sentinel II is ideal for year-round production and seasonal operations. Available in three different sizes, this machine works product at rates between 40-200 tons/hour depending on your needs.
TOMRA Food sentinel II sorting machine

An affordable, dependable workhorse

This machine gives stable and reliable performance even in harsh working conditions with its simple and robust design. 
TOMRA Food sentinel II sorting machine

Checking for ID at the door

The Sentinel II ejects foreign materials like cotton stalks, corn cobs, stones, plastic, glass, metal, wood, bone, and animal matter from your line. 
TOMRA Food sentinel II sorting machine

Reject product defects and keep it moving

Product discolorations, soft, moldy, broken, and under-or over-sized pieces can cause customers some pains and bring complaints. The Sentinel II guards your reputation with every piece you produce- saving your headaches and peace of mind.
TOMRA Food sentinel II sorting machine

It's the little things

Using TOMRA's pulsed LED and sensor technology, this machine removes more minor defects than competitors and comes with local service and support from one of our 80 global offices.