Sorting machine for nuts, coffee, seeds and grains

The TOMRA 3C sorts Nuts, Seeds and Grains with unrivaled accuracy. This machine can detect the subtlest color and shape imperfections, empty shells, and all manner of foreign materials, including glass and transparent plastic. It is designed to ensure that the nuts, seeds and grains are handled gently.    
TOMRA 3C almonds sorting
TOMRA 3C seeds sorting

Key benefits

TOMRA 3C sorting machine

Exceptional detection capabilities

Combining high-resolution RGB cameras with LED lighting, plus laser or near infra-red units, ensures exceptionally high sorting accuracy.
mask defect sorting

Foreign material removal for food safety

This machine removes soil lumps, stones, wood, metal, animal waste, glass, and plastics, even if transparent.  
Almonds defects sorting

Rejects imperfect nuts  

The TOMRA 3C detects nut defects such as peanut sprouts, germination, cracks in macadamia shells, and insect bites.  
TOMRA 3C sorting machine

Intuitive interface  

Operators can easily fine-tune application-specific parameters to minimize false reject rates and maximize yields.