TOMRA raisins sorting

Raisin' the bar in raisin sorting

TOMRA sorters provide superior detection capabilities with high throughputs for Raisin processing. Optical sorters ensure food safety and deliver consistent, high-quality Goldens, Sultana, Thompson, and other Raisin varieties by removing foreign material and minimizing product waste. 

Every Raisin Counts

Safety first

We offer a range of detection technologies for sorting Raisins: X-ray, Lasers, and our unique Biometric Signature Identification make it, so your product quality is only rivaled by its safety.

Bye-bye foreign material  

Our X-ray detection identifies dense foreign material, including rocks, glass, and metals, even when they cocoon products you need to keep. 

No more hiding  

Lasers catch hard-to-find foreign materials and defects in the line, including stems, cap stems, mold, and stalks, and ejection tech removes them from the flow.