Mango sorting and grading solutions

TOMRA sorters identify and remove discolorations, pits, damaged products, rot, mold, and unripe mangoes to keep products consistent. 

Every Mango Counts


Getting more from efficiency 

Our mango sorters ensure consistently high product quality and reduce labor requirements while increasing throughput and yield. Our mango grading machines can classify your products by size, weight, color, and external quality of the fruit. 

Sorters protect what you work hard to earn 

Our mango sorting tech kicks out foreign materials like insects, worms, wood, plastic, glass, and other hazards that may try to sneak into your Mango products - to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your product lives up to the reputation you worked hard building. 

Our mango sorting solutions

TOMRA 5S advanced

TOMRA 5S Advanced

TOMRA 5S Advanced builds on the class-leading performance of our Multi Lane Sorter and revolutionizes food safety expectations. It is the only platform truly designed for hygienic operation, with toolless cleaning and sanitization, and food safe contact areas. With its advanced connectivity features, it is designed to be the digital heart of the packhouse and meet the industries’ evolving needs, futureproofing the customer’s business for the next 10 years.

Single and Dual Lane Sorters

For external inspection of fresh produce, Spectrim is the world’s most powerful sorting and grading platform. To detect especially hard-to-find defects, the UltraView inspection module integrates with Spectrim. And for non-invasive internal inspection and defect grading, Spectrim can be complemented by Inspectra². These Single and Dual Lane Sorters are ideal for small-to-medium packhouses but also connectable to our larger Multi Lane Sorter – and can pack into a wide variety of packaging types.

Line control and product tracking system

Useable line data leads to better line control and decision-making. This leads, in turn, to greater efficiency and profitability. And this has become achievable thanks to the digital transformation of post-harvesting solutions.
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Manual and semi-automatic packing products

For manual and semi-automatic packing, our products offer the full solution: rotary packing tables, and tray, box, and bin fillers.