Stone fruit sorting machine

Sorting is safety-critical to ensure all traces of foreign matter and pit are removed. Sorting is also quality-critical to ensure the final product is free of defects. And both sorting and grading enhance efficiency by minimizing food waste and maximizing yields.

Every Stonefruit Counts


TOMRA sorters for stone fruits can be relied upon to detect and eject all imaginable defects: foreign materials and fruit pit; unwanted colors, sizes and shapes; bruises, cuts, and splits; and soft fruit, corking, and pith fruit. 

After these defects are removed from the line, our Spectrim 'platform's SmartGrade system delivers unrivaled grading capability. This maintains accurate and consistent grading performance even when there is high variability in the quality of incoming fruit.   

Though these sorting solutions are precisely calibrated to each individual fruit application, they are also flexible: with the user-friendly touch screen, it is easy to switch lines quickly from one type of stone fruit to another.