Robotic case packing solution

The KETE16 delivers a versatile, high-capacity end of line system for packing punnets and clamshells. It’s design is flexible to accommodate a range of punnet sizes, case sizes and orientations of pack. The solution allows for simple change over between configurations and pack types, providing speed and consistency through robotic precision. The unique design solution includes interchangeable grippers to pick up and place clamshells into the tray avoiding the risks inherent to traditional suction methods that can open lids and compromise the product.
The KETE16, A versatile, high-capacity end of line robotic casepacking system for clamshells and punnets.

Key benefits

High speed

The KETE16 is designed to integrate with the fastest punnet and clamshell filling options on the market, including our CURO16.

Seemless integration

Controls and connections integrate seamlessly with our integrated solutions and are compatible with Line Control and FreshTracker.

Profit & value

The KETE16 allows you to address labor instability through automation of a labor-intensive task. By automating end of line tray packing, you have certainty irrespective of the availability and training challenges that come with seasonal labour.