Nimbus BSI sorting machine

Nimbus BSI

The sorting solutions for many foods to fit your operational needs

Armed with TOMRA's unique Biometric Signature Identification (BSI) technology, the Nimbus BSI free-fall laser sorter is ideal for processing Nuts, Grains and Seeds, Dried Fruit, and Pet Food. The Nimbus is also suited for Fruit, Vegetables, Seafood, Meat, and IQF Fruit and Vegetables sorting.
Nimbus BSI sorting machine

Key benefits

Nimbus BSI sorting

Choice of scanning capabilities

The Nimbus' award-winning BSI+ scanner module detects visual irregularities, product-specific defects and effective FM removal.
Nimbus BSI aflatoxin sorting

BSI+ detects aflatoxin

Classifying by biological characteristics, the Nimbus BSI+ detects and removes aflatoxins, hard-to-find nut defects, and weeds in fresh-cut produce.
Nimbus BSI pet food sorting

Keeping pet food safe

The Nimbus is the best solution for sorting FM and cross-contamination from Pet Foods with Meat, Bone Meal, Biscuit Residue, and Dry Kibble. 
Nimbus BSI sorting

Data analytics to improve efficiency

Connecting the Nimbus to the TOMRA Insight platform provides live and historical data, leading to efficiency improvements with every batch you run.