Cashew optical sorting machines

TOMRA offers ideal optical sorting solutions for cashew processing businesses large and small: sorting machines from the most affordable to the most sophisticated, capable of handling anything from 500 to 5,000 kilograms per hour. All cashew sorters are easy to use, ensure food safety, and enhance product quality. 
TOMRA Food - Cashew sorting

Every Cashew Counts


An optical sorting machine for everyone

Cameras, lasers, Biometric Signature Identification - there's the ideal technology-level in our machine range for every cashew processor.  
Foreign materials in cashew nuts

Removing foreign material

Located on the line after shelling and peeling, TOMRA's cashew sorters detect and eject the foreign materials that threaten food safety.  

Removing imperfect nuts

Our cashew sorting machines identify and remove testa, insect damage, and nuts that are rotten, scorched, or spoiled by black spots. 

Wide-ranging benefits

TOMRA's cashew sorters reduce labor requirements, increase throughput, raise quality, reduce complaints, and deliver higher yields.