Hazelnut sorting machines

TOMRA's sorting machines provide superior detection capabilities with high throughputs. Our optical sorting technologies ensure food safety by removing foreign materials, deliver consistently high product quality by removing hazelnuts with defects, minimize product waste, and are easy to use. 
TOMRA Food hazelnuts sorting

Every Hazelnut Counts


Best tools for nuts processing

TOMRA's multiple technologies provide optimum solutions for hazelnut sorting: x-ray and lasers for FM, Biometric Signature Identification to find insect damage. 
Foreign materials in hazelnuts

Removing foreign material from hazelnuts

Our hazelnut sorters remove all types of foreign material, such as glass, stone, and metal, as well as loose kernels from in-shell lines.
Sorting out defects in hazelnuts

Removing product defects

Our hazelnut sorting machines detect defects in raw and blanched hazelnut lines: shells, in-shells, rot, mold, shrivel, damaged skins, and cimiciato damage. 

Unrivalled results

Our industry-leading technologies achieve extremely low false reject rates, reducing rework, minimizing food waste, and optimizing yields.