Pistachio sorting machines

For high-quality pistachios, producers trust TOMRA sorters for superior detection capabilities that improve food safety and throughputs. With state-of-the-art automation of our pistachio sorting machines, removing foreign material and defects, labor costs decrease, margins improve, and efficiencies are achieved. 
TOMRA pistachios sorting

Every Pistachio Counts

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Minimized product loss

Maximized yields and less rework allow you to make the most of your time, money, and resources, giving you less to worry about and more premium pistachios from your line. 
Insect damage on pistachios

Lasers, X-ray, and BSI = best processing equipment

With TOMRA's unique technology, it is possible to detect internal defects and aflatoxin in the pistachios.  
PEF Italy TOMRA Insight

Knowledge is power

Connecting pistachio sorters to the TOMRA Insight platform is key to unlocking efficiency gains and making better-informed decisions for your business. 

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