Walnut sorting machines

For walnut processing, TOMRA's optical sorting machines provide superior detection capabilities with high throughputs. Our walnut sorters are unrivaled in their ability to remove foreign materials and product defects, whatever the variety of walnut products, and they gently handle these fragile nuts.
TOMRA walnuts sorting

Every Walnut Counts


Sorting different walnut product types

Even though walnuts are famously challenging to sort, we offer effective processing solutions for different sizes, halves, pieces, and colors.

A choice of solution

TOMRA offers multiple high-resolution detection technologies so that walnut processors can remove even the most difficult defects.
TOMRA sorts out walnut defects

Remove product defects

Our walnut sorting machines detect and remove rancidity, mold, shells, septa, and red, black and shriveled walnuts, as well as unwanted shades of amber. 

Gentle handling from our walnut processing machines

As well as being noted for gentle product handling, our walnuts sorters mimimize handling by achieving very low false reject rates.