Optical sorting solutions for potato chips (crisps)

Growing demand for potato chips is bringing producers new opportunities, but also challenges - from sorting the right potatoes just after harvesting to detecting and removing complex defects such as wet centers or doubles. The good news is that TOMRA offers a full range of potato chips manufacturing machines to meet all these operational requirements, following food safety regulations. 
TOMRA chips sorting

Every Potato Chip Counts


Sorting solutions for the whole line

Our chip sorting machines remove foreign materials and product defects on all parts of the line and for all types of products: unwashed, washed, and cut. 

Optical sorters for all kinds of potato chips

To ensure top quality in all kinds of chip products, we use an automated sorting system by color, shape, size, and biological characteristics.

Removing hard-to-find defects from your potato chips production

By seeing water content, our Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) sorting technology can eject those unwanted chips with wet centers or doubles.  

Potato chips processing: Peeling solutions too 

TOMRA also offers industry-leading, energy-efficient, waste- reducing solutions for potato steam peeling and dry peel separation.