Sorting solutions for dehydrated potato products

For manufacturers of potato flakes and granules we offer the most complete range of automated solutions, from peeling lines to whole potato sorters and flake sorters. All are connectable to the TOMRA Insight data platform, empowering you to unlock further gains in line efficiencies.

Every Potato Flake Counts


Fast help right from the start

The TOMRA 3A can detect and remove foreign material and gross greens at a rate of up to 100 tons per hour.

The best steam peelers for optimal quality and yield

Our steam peelers set industry standards for speed, uniform skin removal, and low peel losses.

Unmatched at sorting defects in washed potatoes

The TOMRA 5A detects foreign material with unrivaled 98% effectiveness.ess.   

Superior quality flakes and granules 

Sorting flakes and granules, the TOMRA 3C achieves superior detection of FM and grey, black, dark brown, scorch, and green defects.