TOMRA frozen French Fries sorting

Maximize your frozen potato production with TOMRA's sorters and peelers

For the production of frozen French Fries, wedges, cubes, slices, and hash browns, and all other frozen specialty products, we offer the industry's best peeling and sorting solutions. Our potato processing equipment optimizes manufacturing processes to achieve the highest product quality with the lowest product loss, whatever the incoming defect level.
TOMRA Food French Fries sorting

Every Frozen Potato Product counts

The best potato sorting solutions

Our optical sorters remove foreign materials and product defects from unwashed and washed potatoes, and can sort to length French Fries.

Maximize yields with our potato processing equipment

The Sort-to-Spec and Smart Ejection features on the TOMRA 5B further enhance product quality and good-in-bad performance, maximizing yield for your frozen potato production.

Complete solutions for the potato peeling line

TOMRA’s Peel Control Module automatically adjusts steam time for minimal product waste and energy usage, reducing peel loss to all-time lows.

Turn data into profit

When optical sorters are connected to the TOMRA Insight data platform, operators can improve line efficiencies via the easy-to-use TOMRA ACT interface.

Our frozen potato products solutions


Capable of unrivaled foreign material removal, this highly efficient machine is powerful and robust, easy to use and maintain, reduces storage needs, is easily movable, and saves on labor. 


 TOMRA 5A is a premium bulk sorting and size grader. This heavy-duty, high capacity, and high-performance sorter improves yields every minute it is running.  


Coupling the latest sensor tech and advanced algorithms, the TOMRA 5B belt sorter enables you to reach the most challenging quality targets and yields.

Orbit Steam Peeler

The versatile Orbit Steam Peeler runs a wide range of vegetables at variable pressures with minimum steam to save resources and improve your throughput.  

ECO Steam Peeler

The Eco Steam Peeler leads the food processing industry in the pursuit of the highest peeling performance and reduced waste to enable processors to achieve sustainability objectives in their food production.

Dry Peel Separator

The TOMRA Dry Peel Separator (DPS) efficently removes peel waste with zero yield loss and zero water usage. This enables the processor to reduce waste water treatment and increase yield.

Steam peeling line

TOMRA's Steam Peeling lines better manage resources, reduce waste, and enable processing efficiencies you never knew existed. We transform global potato production, maximizing food safety and minimizing food loss, by making the most of each and every spud.