TOMRA Food shrimps

Seafood sorting machines

TOMRA’s seafood sorters enhance food safety and product quality, eliminating customer complaints and rework. Sustainability is also improved, by reducing food waste. All achieved by detecting materials’ biological characteristics, shape, size, color, structure, and density. 
TOMRA Food mussels

Mussels - fresh, in-shell, and frozen 

For blue and green lip mussels, our sorters detect and eject blue barnacles, seaweed, embedded shell, foreign materials, and by-catch.  
TOMRA Food tuna


Our machines sort red and white tuna flakes, and remove bones and foreign materials. With automation, labor costs fall and productivity rises.
TOMRA Food shrimps

Scallops and shrimps (cold water, warm water, brown, and North Sea)

From scallops, our sorters remove viscera, shell, discoloration, and by-catch. From shrimps, peel, shells, legs, eyes, tails, and by-catch.  
TOMRA Food crabs


With TOMRA’s in-line analysis machines it’s possible to analyze the meat content under the shell of whole crabs without touching the food.