Bean sorting machines

Beans are a staple in diets worldwide, and every bean counter knows small improvements add up to big savings. Our cost-saving solutions get you more from your whole, fresh-cut, blanched, frozen, and waxed legumes.
TOMRA beans sorting

Every Bean Counts


TOMRA’s bean sorter makes it easy to set your customer specs

The shape sorting feature of our optical sorters remove broken, discolored, and oddly shaped beans to ensure your beans are the specified shape and length. 

Optical sorting technology: Trust the process

Our bean sorting machines remove toxic materials such as Datura and Nightshade from your beans without any need for additional manual labor.

Let the numbers tell the story

With real-time analysis of your operation from TOMRA Insight, valuable data is at hand to improve throughput, yields, and false rejects.  

Big shoes to fill with a small footprint

Our robust bean sorting solutions can handle the toughest conditions, and with regular service from your TOMRA support team, you maximize line uptime.