Stemming the problems with bell peppers

If you're looking for bell peppers sorting equipment, we offer a complete range of solutions for whole, cut, and IQF bell peppers, all the way from the field to the packaging line. By locating machines at different positions on the line, it's possible to solve various processing problems. 
TOMRA Food bell peppers sorting

Every Bell Pepper Counts


Separating by color

Mechanical harvesting is becoming more widespread - which means that so, too, is the need to separate bell peppers by color. Sorted!

Removing large foreign materials

All sorts of unwanted materials can get mixed in with harvested bell peppers - and reliably removed by our machines. 

Detecting and rejecting EVMs

Extraneous Vegetable Matter, particularly stems, is a nuisance when processing bell peppers. But something we dependably take care of. 

Seeing right to the core

Our Biometric Signature Identification (BSI) technology assesses what's inside IQF bell peppers, detecting spoiled cores.