Carrot sorting and steam peeling solutions

TOMRA offers sorting and grading solutions for all types of carrots, fresh and frozen: baby, sliced, diced, julienne, and chunks. In addition to rejecting foreign materials, our optical sorters removes defective products from your carrot production and can sort to length. And when carrots need peeling, our steam peelers are cost-effective performance leaders.  
TOMRA Food carrot sorting

Every Carrot Counts


Quality, quantity and peace of mind

At the same time as ensuring consistently high product quality, our carrot sorters reduce labor requirements while increasing throughput and yield.  

Wave goodbye to foreign materials

Plastic, metal, stones, glass, wood? You name it; our carrot sorters detect and eject it, ensuring brand reputation is well protected. 

Remove all types of product defects 

Discolored, marked with black spots, misshapen - our optical sorting machines can remove all these imperfections.          

Industry-leading steam peelers

Working at high or low steam pressures, TOMRA's commercial carrot peelers perform with fast cycle times, gentle product handling, and minimal product loss.