Corn sorting solutions

We offer automated solutions for sorting corn kernels and corn cobs so you can be confident of delivering the best products to your customers while saving on manual labor and rework costs.

Every Piece of Corn Counts


Precise corn sorting

Our fresh and frozen corn sorting solutions reject sticks, stones, husks, plastics, glass, and starch. If it isn't on the list, we bounce it.

Uptime on your time

Our robust corn sorting solutions can handle the toughest conditions, and with regular service from your TOMRA support team, you maximize uptime.  

Quality for your corn production

It's the one discoloration, out-of-spec cob, or insect-damaged corn that stands out - so we help prevent these from reaching your customers. 

Big shoes to fill with a small footprint

Our compact corn sorting machines improve your capacity and throughput with a small footprint - so you get the most from your space and every kernel.