Sorting lettuce and other leafy greens

Food safety is a major concern in producing lettuce and other leafy greens for ready-to-eat salads. The presence of foreign materials or insects can lead to product recalls; toxic weeds and microbial contamination, such as E.coli, can harm public health and brand reputations. But effective countermeasures are available to ensure the quality of your processing line. 

Every Leaf Counts


Safeguarding food safety and product quality 

We offer sorting solutions for all kinds of leafy greens: Iceberg (crisphead) lettuce, mixed lettuce, Spring Mix salads, spinach, endive, and other varieties.

Unrivaled salad sorting accuracy

Sorting your salads and leafy greens by color with unrivaled accuracy, our machines can be relied upon to remove core and dark green, other discolorations, tip burn, plus rodents, insects, and other foreign materials picked up in the fields.

We can sort all kinds of leafy greens:

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