Mixed vegetable sorting machines

Sorting mixed vegetables with different shapes and colors can be challenging without the right tech. But our best-in-class equipment removes FM's and EVM with low levels of false rejects to save you time and money. 

Every Piece of Vegetable Counts


Minimizing losses and maximizing yields

Because our BSI+ technology examines the material composition of objects, you get quality and consistency even in mixed vegetable batches.

Defects will no longer bother you

Our unique range of technologies removes all defective products and hazardous foreign materials such as Datura.

We put the fit in benefit

Our solutions adapt very well to IQF Vegetable packaging lines, with small machine footprints to make the most of your available space.

Future-proofing your manufacturing process

With the TOMRA Insight data platform, you can unlock sorting machine improvements in real-time and by analyzing historical data.