Radish sorting machines

Processing radishes, it's essential to find and remove those that will be unfit for consumption or unattractive to buyers. This isn't easy, because some product defects and blemishes are so small and subtle - but they don't get past our sorters' sophisticated detection systems.

Every Radish Counts


Remove foreign materials

TOMRA's sorters remove the dirt and small stones from harvested radishes, as well as foreign materials such as plastic, glass, and wood.

Detecting and ejecting product defects

Sprouting, shriveling, long leave stalks, insect damage, brown spots, scuffed and cracked skins - our sorters remove all such defects.  

Seeing beyond the skin

 Our unique Biometric Signature Identification (BSI) technology assesses the composition of each radish to detect defects such as cavitation.  

Not only quality - quantity too

In addition to ensuring food safety and product quality, TOMRA's sorters reduce labor requirements, boost throughput, and increase yield.