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PRO Tertiary LASER


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    Patented multi-channel laser technology

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    maximizing yields

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    inspect complete particle by double sided scan

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    Best productivity

The PRO Tertiary LASER features compact design to pre-concentrate material from 6mm to 30mm particle sizes.

The LASER identification technology consist of a patented multi-channel laser scanning system with high resolution resulting in cutting-edge structural and spectral selectivity. Multiple material characteristics including surface structure, brightness, color, transparency, size, and shape are processed at the same time.

Customized Solution for your needs
Multi-channel Laser technology
Heavy duty compact design


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The TOMRA machine has enabled us to reduce costs while increasing our yield; our production has easily increased by 20%. It has been such a game changer in our operation, that we are planning the purchase of a second Laser machine to replace an existing Color sorter.

Carlos Forjan_Quality Manager at Erimsa
Carlos Forján Quality Manager at Erimsa

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