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    Highest X-ray power for large particle sizes

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    Increased throughput for highest productivity

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    Optimized sensor system

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    Multi-functional image processing

The COM XRT 2.0 features higher belt speed and throughput, which translate directly into increased productivity in mineral processing. A more powerful X-ray system accommodates the sorting of larger-sized material due to better X-ray penetration. For this larger-sized material it offers increased wear resistance and longer component lifetime, with quick and safe maintenance through providing easier access to replaceable components.

This sorter uses the DUOLINE® X-ray transmission technology to ensure a thickness independent, flexible, stable and reliable sorting performance in the mineral processing environment.

TOMRA Insight for data acquisition
Customized Solution for your needs
Highest precision for fine particles


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No other technology has given us such a high recovery rate. Not only that, with TOMRA's XRT there was no water usage at all and we didn't need to spend on expensive reagents, so that we are producing Small Lumpy product for approximately 50% of the cost compared to a DMS plant.

Craig Meadway, Business Development Executive of P2E Consulting Mine Manager Wolfram