We enable data-driven optimization of sorting processes through online monitoring and digital applications.

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One of the most valuable assets for sorting operations is the data captured by sensor-based sorting units. Near-live monitoring of material streams offers the ultimate control for quick and strategic decision-making, giving you a competitive edge in today’s dynamic marketplace for secondary raw materials.

As mineral sorting enter the digital era to maximize resources, it begins with connected sorting units and data optimization solutions.

Our cloud-based sorting data platform offers you valuable support from our team of specialists, an easy-to-use dashboard and customizable reporting tools. Now you can have full access to critical sorting data anytime, anywhere.

What is TOMRA Insight?

tomra insight

Connected for maximum efficiency

TOMRA Insight enables easy and remote support from our service engineers, significantly reducing the risk of downtime. By having machine status and spare part consumption to near real-time sorting data all in one place, we can work with you to quickly identify operational issues and future maintenance requirements. When it comes to sorting we help maximize efficiency.

You also benefit from user-friendly and actionable information by turning your sorting units into interconnected devices that generate valuable data. Our web-based dashboard, available for desktop and mobile devices, offers greater flexibility and customizable alarms so you can always keep a close eye on the performance of your sorting lines. 

Connected for optimal performance

Sensor-based sorting systems connected to our data optimization platform enable maximum throughput and consistently high quality, even with changing material properties. With enhanced quality control and transparency, your operation can boost sorting performance and meet the strictest customer requirements.

TOMRA Insight connects our team closer with yours. By leveraging our sorting and data analytic expertise, we offer your operation new perspectives gathered from our machines installed across the globe. From application know-how to predictive maintenance programs, we go the extra mile to make your sorting operation a success.
tomra insight

Once connected you will discover


Web-based dashboards

An easy to use web-based sorting dashboard for desktop and mobile devices. 

Remote access

Remote access to your sorting data, allowing you to collaborate more freely.

Customizable reporting

Customizable reporting for a better follow-up of your sorting process.

Specialist support

Support from our specialists to leverage your sorting data into tangible improvements, such as reduced downtime, maximized throughput, and optimized output quality.

See how data optimization can benefit your business

Make the most of your sorting lines today!

"The sorting data overview in the TOMRA Insight dashboard represents hours of saved time, and money."

- Black Chrome Mine, Sail Group