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New to deposit return? Here's what retailers need to know

Retailers are at the heart of deposit return systems. But what are they, and how can retailers get the most out of them? TOMRA can help make deposit return work hard for you, by automating the return of bottles and cans and creating a great recycling experience for your customers.

The benefits of automating your containers collection

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Time and cost saving

Store staff will not have to check and process each container manually, saving you time and resources.
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Space saving

Reverse vending machines compact beverage containers on site, saving selling space in your store.
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Automation removes the potential for human error and ensures deposits and handling fees are correctly paid out.
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Customer experience

RVMs offer customers a quick and easy recycling experience, encouraging them to return containers at your store.

How to use a reverse vending machine?

Using a reverse vending machine (RVM) is quick and easy. Check out how to use a TOMRA single or multi-feed:

How to use a multi-feed reverse vending machine