TOMRA S1 machine and a girl wearing yellow point a finger and holding a can with the other hand

TOMRA S1 Rugged

Up to the challenge, in any conditions

  • Designed for semi-outdoors use

  • Accept cans, plastic bottles, or glass bottles

  • Footprint of 0,9m² 

  • Up to 45 containers per minute   

Create a fast, smooth recycling experience in any environment with a standalone reverse vending machine (RVM) that’s built to withstand demanding use and exposure to the elements in semi-outdoor locations.

The S1 Rugged is a sturdy solution with advanced digital management tools.  With a larger-than-ever storage capacity, the TOMRA S1 Rugged minimizes staff interruptions with fewer bin changes, leading to more uptime and letting you focus on running your store.

Standalone reverse vending machine
Powered with TOMRA Flow™
Fully compatible with the TOMRA Digital Solutions

TOMRA S1 Rugged - Up to the challenge, in any conditions

Three TOMRA S1 Rugged deposit reverse vending machines in outdoor space for collecting glass, plastic and cans

A durable solution to suit your environment

The S1 Rugged is specially designed to withstand demanding use and exposure to the elements – ideally suited to metropolitan areas. Leading system integrity and resistance to wet, semi-outdoor locations, TOMRA S1 Rugged is always up to the challenge.
Female employee stocking shelves with water bottles in a store

Make more time for your store

Reduce staff disruptions with a more efficient reverse vending machine. The S1 Rugged’s storage bin can take one-third more than the previous model, meaning fewer bin changes, more uptime, and less staff time spent managing your machine.
happy couple arriving to shopping

Be ready to go when redeemers come to recycle

Collect more cans, plastic, and glass bottles with a solution that stays up and running. With high capacity, and a support team that’s always at your service, customers can count on you to be ready whenever they are ready to recycle.

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