Our industry-leading sorting unit for high purity glass concentrate

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    Easy maintenance & self-cleaning

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    Robust design for extended lifetime

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    Glass purity rates over 95%

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    Specialized camera for thick/dark glass

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    Reduced downtime & repair costs

Profit from high purity recyclable glass sorted out from mixed waste. 

Delivering consistent purity rates of more than 95%, AUTOSORT COLOR is a high performance sorting unit for purification of glass concentrate recovered from heavy waste fractions. Regardless of the waste's origin, the glass concentrate system withstands the harshest conditions thanks to its robust mechanical design.

The high sensitivity sorting unit instantly identifies all types of glass, including darker and thicker glass using its high resolution color camera. Its strong and high-speed valves eject contaminats such as ceramics, stones, porcelain and other opaque materials with maximum precision. Beyond minimizing downtime and repair costs arising from damages caused by glass in municipal solid waste sorting processes, AUTOSORT COLOR enables operators to sell high-quality recyclable glass and even reduce incineration and landfill fees.

Setting new industry standards in glass recovery, AUTOSORT COLOR is easy to maintain and has several self-cleaning functions. With its intuitive user interface, you’ll be in full control with real-time processing data and critical sorting information.  
Key Customer Benefits
Robust design for tough sorting conditions
Precise free-fall detection of all materials
Self-cleaning function
High precision and strong valves
TOMRA ACT user interface


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