Our highest performance and most versatile flake sorter

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    Constant, ultra-high purity processing  

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    High sensitivity electromagnetic sensor

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    Versatile sensor configuration

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    Cost effective operation

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    Bottle-to-bottle recycling solution

Achieve maximum purity yields for high-end applications such as bottle to bottle recycling.

With a combination of our most powerful sensor technologies, AUTOSORT™ FLAKE offers consistent and exceptional sorting performance. Its high-speed valves eject even the smallest contaminates with maximum precision to meet extremely high purity requirements. 

The high performance flake sorter features an integrated light source, continuous signal correction and enhanced light distribution to ensure stable sorting performance and minimal downtime. Its high sensitivity electromagnetic sensor detects even the smallest non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals (as small as 1 mm) for maximum purity yields.

Setting new benchmarks worldwide, AUTOSORT™ FLAKE is the ideal sorting solution for high purity end products. What’s more, its operational efficiency is cost-effective and requires little maintenance.
Electromagnetic metal detection
Dust extraction
REFLECT option
Active cooling up to 50°C

See AUTOSORT™ FLAKE in action

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Continuing its pioneering tradition, TOMRA Sorting’s AUTOSORT™ FLAKE is the first to successfully combine detection of color, enhanced material information and metal resulting in an exceptionally effective system that optimizes flake sorting applications.
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Ida Semb, one of our product managers, explains AUTOSORT™ FLAKE, TOMRA Recycling's PET and PO flake sorting solution for achieving high recovery rates. 
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Heralding a new era of high-precision sorting, the AUTOSORT™ FLAKE combines color detection and enhanced material information to maximize the recovery of high-quality recycled products which discerning markets now demand.


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