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success story hof trumann, germany

The family business Hof Trumann has installed a Halo for the sorting of unwashed, brushed potatoes. Since the installation of this equipment there was an increase in efficiency, turnover and quality of the end product.

24 March 2015

“Before the installation of the machine, our potatoes were sorted manually,” says Bernd Trumann, General Manager of Hof Trumann. “Contrary to manual labour, a machine guarantees a consistent performance throughout the day. Therefore, I was looking for a sorting solution to ensure a consistent product quality and to provide an answer to strict quality requirements set by the packers. After a short trial period in which a testing machine was installed at our premises, it became clear to me that the Halo was the right solution for us.”

Processing brushed, unwashed potatoes

The harvested potatoes are put in boxes and stored in a cool storage room. The air circulation system which is present in this storage room ensures that the potatoes are being dried within a few days so that they are ready for further processing. “At the beginning of our processing line, we installed a brush system. These brushes reduce the amount of soil clinging to the potatoes thus making them brighter. This enhances the accuracy of the inspection performed by the Halo which can easily remove green, small, halves and misshapen potatoes at a capacity of 15 tons per hour.”

Optimal sorting

“We have determined that the Halo provides a more effective sorting. This means that employees who sort potatoes by hand remove more good potatoes compared to the Halo. For example, an employee who notices a bad potato and wants to pick it out, often also removes a good potato at the same time.” Furthermore, the installation of the Halo has reduced the personnel expenditure. “One single person is now able to run the entire line, whereas in the past five people were required. According to our calculations, we are able to save about 1,800 working hours per year due to the installation of the Halo.”

Benefits of TOMRA’s Halo food sorting machine

Trumann explains that his decision to buy a Halo was based on two criteria: space requirements and user-friendliness. “We decided to buy a Halo because the machine is very compact compared to other similar sorting machines on the market. Due to its small footprint the machine fitted in the room we had available and could be easily integrated in our line. A further benefit is the user-friendliness: depending on the incoming defect level, I can easily modify the sorting parameters myself so that no further post-sorting is required.”

Excellent support

“Since the installation, the machine has run flawlessly and when there is a problem, the service department from TOMRA is always available. The support is excellent and this is very important to me. I can reach a technician at all times and there is always a quick solution at hand.”


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