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IPPE, The International Production & Processing Expo

Meat and poultry processors wanting to improve their meat and poultry quality are being urged to see TOMRA’s popular analytical solutions at IPPE.

30 January - 01 February 2018

Enhanced technology for near flawless detection of woody breast in poultry products and TOMRA’s
world-leading QVision Fat Analysis for meat and seafood products will highlight the company’s display in booth #C819 at IPPE in Atlanta, GA, January 30 - February 1.

The TOMRA QV-P, already renowned for accuracy and labor-savings, is now even more powerful, thanks to an upgrade that delivers faster and more reliable scans of each chicken fillet or butterfly as it passes the scan point at 240 fillets per minute.

According to Thorsten Niermeyer, business unit manager for Process Analytics at TOMRA Sorting Food, “Improved technology in our TOMRA QV-P in-line equipment is now able to more accurately measure the chemical composition of each fillet and determine its respective grade. This information, which the TOMRA QV-P now makes instantaneously available, allows processors to decide – on the fly – the appropriate use of each chicken fillet for further processing, based on the severity of the myopathy.”

Prior to the TOMRA QV-P, says Thorsten, processors who wanted to detect woody breast had to manually perform a ‘thumb check’ on each chicken fillet before processing. TOMRA’s patented and market-proven in-line analyzer, makes these time-consuming, labor-intensive, manual checks unnecessary. Instead, the dedicated software allows the TOMRA QV-P to accurately grade chicken fillets into multiple grades, as determined by the processor to assure consistent quality for the customer or consumer.

TOMRA fat analysis systems also gaining market momentum

Processors wishing to more accurately analyze the content of fat, protein, collagen and moisture in fresh and frozen meats and seafood during production will also find it productive to visit the TOMRA booth during IPPE.

Included in the technology on display will be the company’s latest QVision System, designed to deliver savings to processors based on real time information that can increase yields, simplify operations, cut processing costs and help deliver consistent product quality.

According to Thorsten, the robust QVision analyzer applies unique interactance spectroscopy to penetrate ground, diced, small trim and mechanically separated meats by up to 20-mm and across the full 500-mm width of its conveyor belt. “The technology measures VIS-Near Infrared light that has penetrated deep into fresh or frozen food products. The highly accurate, real-time measurements provide processors the capacity for exceptional batch control and optimized yields.”

Processors can acquire more complete information by visiting TOMRA at IPPE booth #C819.




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