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TOMRA Sorting Belgium

Legal entity change

02 May 2013

On May 31st 2012, the BEST shareholders and TOMRA management decided to join forces in TOMRA Sorting Solutions.  By signing an acquisition agreement, TOMRA became 100% owner of BEST. This transaction resulted in the birth of an undisputable worldwide market leader in sorting technology with more than 10 000 installed sorters.

This acquisition is to be considered as the perfect marriage between two successful companies that share the same culture, vision, mission and strategy. The products of both companies are very complementary. This has already led to huge synergy opportunities today.

As of April 10, 2013, the legal entity will change into TOMRA Sorting NV for Belgium and TOMRA Sorting BV for the Netherlands.

The two previous BEST addresses, contact details, financial and legal details will remain unchanged.  All existing contracts made with BEST will be taken over under the new name and remain unchanged.

TOMRA Sorting NV

TOMRA Sorting BV

Research Park Haasrode 1622

Romeinse straat 20

3001 Leuven


Tel: +32 16 396 396

Fax: +32 16 396 390

Marinus van Meelweg 20

5657 EN Eindhoven

The Netherlands


Tel: +31 40 292 2622

Fax: +31 40 292 2633


All other BEST entities will remain unchanged until further notice.

The new TOMRA path demonstrates how we contribute to a better environment with creating sensor-based solutions for optimal resource productivity