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A Day in the Life of Luis Moreno

Luis Moreno, Senior Sales Application Engineer, tells us what he loves about TOMRA and how he enjoys his spare time outside the office.

13 December 2017

Luis Moreno, Senior Sales Application Engineer at TOMRA Sorting Food
Luis Moreno, Senior Sales Application Engineer at TOMRA Sorting Food


AGE: 36


Luis Moreno gained his first experience in food sorting when he joined Odenberg – before its acquisition by TOMRA – for an internship as a service technician during his freshman year at college. After four more summer internships through his college career, Luis accepted a position as a technical support engineer in 2004.

Since then, Luis has worked with many of the team at TOMRA Sorting Food, not only in the USA but around the world.

1. What is your role at TOMRA Sorting Food?

Senior sales application engineer – As part of my job I’m involved in overseeing tests and demonstrations which allows me to work closely with our SASE Team, customers and our area sales managers. I also work with other groups internally such as the R&D team, which works to further develop TOMRA’s broad selection of technologies.

2. Why did you decide to work for TOMRA?

I always wanted to work for a company that was leading innovation and TOMRA was a perfect fit. Our technologies are always changing and improving - for instance historically, analogue changes to a machine could take 30 minutes, they now take 30 seconds. This means the job is never dull and we can make the lives of our customers and partners better with every development.

3. What does your average work day look like?

No two days are ever the same. Typically, days are split between time in the office and time in the field with customers. In the office, I regularly work with our Dublin team on whole product machines and with the Belgian team on small piece machines, with regular morning calls with Europe and evening calls with Asia. The rest of my time is spent in the field with customers, testing new applications or improving existing applications, while understanding their businesses and the challenges and opportunities they face.

4. What's the best thing about your job?

I enjoy working with a diverse array of people from different cultures and backgrounds, and I enjoy solving problems. With so many machines and differing customer requirements no two problems are ever the same and I enjoy finding the best outcome for our customers.

5. What's the skill you'd most like to have?

Identifying problems can take quite a lot of time. I suppose it’s more of magic power than a skill but it would be great if I could intuitively understand a machine’s problem, then I could get to work finding a solution.

6. What are you passionate about – professionally or personally?

Professionally I’m passionate about solving problems and finding solutions, be they linked to finance, operations or any other part of a customer’s business. I also like helping TOMRA lead the resource revolution, saving the environment while adding profit and value to our partners around the world.

Personally, I’m very passionate about my family. I have a three-year-old son who I enjoy teaching about the world and I’m also seeing the world differently through his eyes. I also enjoy sports, whether I’m watching them or playing a ball game with my son.

7. What's your favourite holiday destination?

My holidays fall into two categories split between the places I like to see. I have family in the USA and in Mexico so it’s also very important to spend time with them when I can and the holidays are a perfect opportunity. My second destination would be Europe, in particular I would like to explore more of Italy and Spain.

8. What would be your perfect day away from work?

Spending time with my wife and son or enjoying a soccer game. Either watching or playing a game.

9. What's your greatest business achievement?

Being part of a team that designed the ZEA sorter from the ground up. The project was then granted a patent on a three-way reject system – that was a very proud moment for us.

10. What's your greatest personal achievement?

Having a family – they are my greatest achievement.

11. What did you eat for lunch?

Our office is surrounded by some great eateries and I tend to go out for lunch with colleagues most days. There is never much of a plan, we simply decide where to go as we leave the building.