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PARTS SOLUTIONS for your Food Sorting & Peeling Equipment

Our motto is: all spare parts are not the same. This is why we only use original parts in each repair, because only TOMRA original parts meet TOMRA’s high quality standards.

Spare parts solutions by TOMRA

TOMRA machines are among the best and most reliable in the industry. But even then, normal wear and tear require replacement of parts during production. Reliable supply of spare part packages are key to unproblematic and profitable operation of industrial goods. In urgent cases, we deliver parts to customers as quickly as possible. But also a reliable supply of spare parts on hand is key to ensure a problem-free and profitable production line. TOMRA only guarantees top performance of original TOMRA parts, which are meticulously checked by our engineers prior to operation. TOMRA Care parts package options offer flexible solutions at the best possible price.


We keep an extensive supply of spare parts in stock, for all TOMRA machines. If your machine breaks down, we are ready to ship the necessary parts as soon as possible to your site.

Parts on-site

All machines require maintenance at some point. This can concern replacing worn out parts or renewing consumables in your machines like tube lights, belts, lasers, etc. Having these critical parts in your warehouse will dramatically decrease installation time since you don’t have to wait for parts to arrive.

Parts repair

For some parts, repairing them means less costs then replacing the parts. You send us your defective parts and we will replace them immediately with refurbished parts.

Availability is our daily mission and focus to guarantee optimum lead time and to keep your machine up and running. 

For any parts inquiries, please get in touch with our Service Department.