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Live data from your sorter on all of your devices

Turn your machines into connected devices for more insight, more control and better collaboration.

TOMRA Insight

Connect to possibilities

Your TOMRA Food equipment is a set of sharp eyes that inspect the food products you deliver. This way, together with your staff, we help you watch over every single detail. The goal? Efficiently produce high-quality food products tailored to your customers' needs with maximum control and minimum waste.

With TOMRA Insight, our cloud-based sorting data platform, we invite you to connect to new possibilities. TOMRA Insight turns your sorters into connected devices, allowing you to gain more insight into what your sorters see and turn these insights into tangible improvements for your business.  

TOMRA Insight


One remotely accessible sorting dashboard

TOMRA Insight offers you a secure, near-live monitoring dashboard for all of your sorting lines. With a desktop and a mobile interface, you can access digital metrics on your sorting equipment's status and performance wherever you are and whenever you want. Customizable alarms and reports enable you to keep a close eye on the sorting process, reducing downtime, maximize throughput, and optimize your output quality.



Your expertise and ours, connected

Gaining access to an endless flow of detailed data on your sorting lines takes information sharing to an entirely new level. Throughout your organization, people and departments can rely on accurate and up-to-date facts to streamline their processes and collaborations. And your partnership with TOMRA benefits as well because our service specialists and optimizers can support you based on a thorough understanding of your situation at any given time.



TOMRA Insight


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