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genius™ sorting machine by tomra

The Genius™ optical belt sorting machine uses a combination of various sorting technologies to meet the high food safety requirements of the industry and individual food processors.

The Genius™ removes all unwanted discoloration and foreign material from many food applications including vegetables, fresh cut, potatoes, nuts and many more. Thanks to the Genius™ you will be able to ensure food safety and consistently high-quality food.




Ardo, a global leader in the deep-frozen vegetables sector has decided to partner with TOMRA Food. Over a quarter of all frozen vegetables consumed in Europe come from the family business in Ardooie. They are used, among other things, in soups, ready-to-eat meals and baby food from large companies such as Unilever and Nestlé..




After 15 years of development, Kaida (Beijing Kaida Hengye Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd) has grown into a leading vegetable and fruit chips exporter in China. The company’s products continue to become increasingly popular in countries with strict food safety regulations such as Japan, South Korea, Australia, the US and the member states of the EU. By incorporating a complete product value chain including R&D, farming, post- harvest processing and sales, Kaida has become an expert in processing fruits and potatoes. It is also recognized as a distinguished high-tech company with a number of labels in the Chinese agricultural processing industry.




“The reputational and financial impact of a serious defect claim can be devastating for a company, but sorting technology can be used to effectively manage and reduce issues," explains Mr. Park Eun-Kyu, CEO, Cwood Co. Read what he has to say about his partnership with TOMRA.

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  • High Capacity
  • Low Maintenance
  • Flexible Belt Sorting Machine With Gentle Handling Assured
  • Quality Control and Feedback on the Touch Screen
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Consistent Long Life Accuracy



TOMRA Insight


TOMRA Insight enables you to turn your sorters into connected devices and to transform sorting from an operational process into a strategic management tool.






Dried fruit Fresh cut
Fruit Grains and seeds Seafood Potatoes Meat

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Key features

Sensor Technology

The Genius™ is a modular food sorting machine that can be tailored to your unique requirements and needs. With high resolution cameras and lasers, the Genius™ sorter offers a variety of inspection technologies in different inspection zones.

This way, the Genius™ achieves an unequalled food sorting performance. After being scanned in the inspection zones, the state-of-the-art air guns reject any defect within milliseconds in 2 or 3 separate streams. The good product proceeds its way to the processing line.

Product Benefits

  • User-friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Modular/upgradeable
  • High capacity
  • Extremely fast payback on investment

Advanced Sorting Criteria

The Genius™ can sort multiple food applications by the following sorting criteria:

  • Subtle color
  • Foreign material
  • Advanced foreign material detection
  • Detailed size/geometry
  • Detailed shape
  • Damages
  • Moisture
  • Biological characteristics
  • Mycotoxins
  • Data

Technical specification

 Genius™ 640Genius™ 1200
Capacity1 - 4 tons/hr2 - 8 tons/hr
(L x W x H, mm)
3,585 x 1,279 x 2,320 mm3,720 x 1,890 x 2,360 mm
Infeed belt width1,150 mm1,150 mm
Air pressure input1 - 8 bar1 - 8 bar
Electrical consumption5 KVA7.5 kVA
 Genius™ 1600Genius™ 2000
Capacity3 - 12 tons/hr4 - 16 tons/hr
(L x W x H, mm)
4,160 x 2,411 x 2,630 mm4,630 x 2,741 x 2,687 mm
Infeed belt width1,150 mm1,150 mm
Air pressure input1 - 8 bar1 - 8 bar
Electrical consumption10 KVA10 KVA