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IQF Fruit

Our Individually Quick-Frozen Fruit Sorters provide an array of detections to make sure your customers are getting the best possible product from you, with options to fit your needs.

IQF Black current Sorting: 

IQF Raspberry sorting:

IQF Raspberry Crumble Sorting:

IQF Raspberry Dust Sorting: 

IQF Red Currant Sorting:

Our Sorting technology provides top of the line identification of:

  • Extraneous Vegetable Matters (EVM)
  • Product Defects and Discolorations
  • All ranges of Foreign Materials (including Datura)
  • Product Size Ranges

And, with our BSI+ technology, the material composition of the product is analyzed to ensure only the safest products make it to your customers.

Our Sorters allow producers and processors to easily adapt to the various requirements of their customers while increasing their sorting capacity. Our easy to operate User Interface means with the press of a button, you can manage how strict the requirements are for items on the line and accommodate for the varying demands of your customers in under a minute.


TOMRA’s IQF Fruit Sorters will run for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making manual inspection superfluous.

Benefits of TOMRA's IQF Fruit Sorting machines:

  • Elimination of all foreign materials
  • Low maintenance costs and easy upkeep
  • Higher yields with less false rejects
  • Improved product quality

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